Pest Control Specialists

PESTS… We all, at one time or another had to deal with the nuisance of having our house, yard, school, hospital, offices, restaurants, etc. invaded with pests. They are of many types and all of them are very resilient, managing to live and proliferate since the beginning of times. Contacting professionals like phoenix pest control is always the best solution for a pest problem.

Take for example termites, they can invade a house quietly without much of a show and in a few years the house could have serious structural damage. In many parts of the country there is a mandatory requirement to have a termite inspection, treatment, and remediation of damage prior to selling a house, since this is one serious, costly issue.

Other pests can be more visible such as ants, fire ants, rodents, bees, wasps, flees, bed bugs, roaches, water bugs, mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, scorpions, pigeons, mice, etc. Some of these can come directly from the environment, some can be brought in by our pets, some can be carried in our suitcases when we travel.

pest controlAll of the pests mentioned carry diseases, some can bite and produce infected welts on the skin, some can contaminate our food and expose us to more serious diseases.

A tick bite or several mosquitoes or spider bites can make us visit a dermatologist while wasps or bees stings could send us to the emergency room if it so happens we are allergic to their bites.

Disregarding of how we acquired them, we need to remove them as soon as possible before a larger infestation would occur. Although there are multiple products on the market for the elimination of different type of pests, many of these products contain chemicals which if not applied as instructed could generate harmful effects to our health and our pets’ health and/or damage our furniture, rugs, etc.

A home owner can try to eliminate an infestation by applying a supermarket spray or solution, but if the entire area of possible infestation is not thoroughly covered, pests can survive, multiply and soon after take over the house or yard again.

The possibility of harmful chemicals was mentioned, the other side of the coin is that manufacturers of the over the counter remedies against pests are also protecting themselves by providing lesser concentrations of the particular deadly agent, just to prevent people’s and pests’ poisoning, This in turn makes their products less effective against the pests to be destroyed.

The best solution for removing a pest infestation and preventing a new occurrence remains to employ the services of a specialized pest control company with many years of experience in this field. There are many companies providing pest control, since we are all responsible citizens concerned about our planet, we sure would want to select a responsible organization.